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Madizm Drumless (Well​.​.​.​ Almost​ !​)

Le projet 100% instrumental de Madizm

Date de sortie : 28 août 2018

Dirt Noze, le 5 septembre 2018

Avec Drumless (Well​.​.​.​ Almost​ !​), notre Madizm national nous offre une plongée, dépouillée de kits de batteries, au coeur de ces samples gorgés de soul dont il a le secret.

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Comme lors de sa précédente sortie IZMatic Vol. 1, l’album vient avec une note explicative, bien épicée fidèle à son habitude. À lire repoduite ci-dessous :

I often complain about the state of Hip-Hop and what it became. But sometimes I feel like I had my share of faults and I can do better. I was RAISED on bad music. My pop didnt have a jazz collection nor my mother was listening to James Brown. But I LEARNED my lessons. Producers and DJs kept my stomach full by infusing soul and such in every beats we used to bump. Myself I became a DJ just to make Soul sets in jazzy bar and drink free alcohol for the sake of making people discover old feelings, old music...Not to regret an era, but to move forward and USE that legacy. Make it yours ! Soul is free. And it’s good for your health ! Jokes aside, this shit is a goldmine for newbies, a tool for DJs (it follows a grid and a BPM), good moments for Soul addicts, memories for old producers like my ass. Anyway it’s just made for enjoyment and also to blow your brain out and stop buying all that popcorn scoopity woopty woop doo doo beats yall be bumping. I just wanna bring MUSIC back into music. It’s just a matter of time...Tic Toc...

PS : I know some smart ass are already wondering why it’s called DRUMLESS when you can actually notice percussive elements and even beats sometimes. Well. First thing first. I did those beats to send em to the likes of Royce, Conway, Roc Marci, etc...but I kinda get tired of the beat game as is. And tired to hear those FAKE AZZ so called drumless tracks that some of yall released. Yall dont have what it takes. Simply. Yall wasn’t there when RZA or Madlib was doin it and yall DIDNT get your hands dirty. Yall didnt dig in Baltimore, Chicago, Utrecht, the Roosevelt Hotel convention, Second Hand Rose, etc...YALL NEED TO LEARN sometimes. Or call me and get your wallet ready. Pay for it. Either way it’s gonna cost you...Im out.


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